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We are a technical Taiwan Temperature Meter manufacturer, factory, supplier and exporter. Depending on stable investment, superior competence and good after-sale service, we have made us as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in the industry. We promise quality products and competitive price and on-time delivery for you. We have been establishing long-term business with our customers. If you are interested in any model of our products, please be free to contact us.
Temperature Meter - TCEN-A/TCB-B/TCEN-C/TCB-D
Temperature Meter
InputK. J.  PT100. Cu50  Thermocouple
 Linear( 0~10mA , 4~20mA)
OutputRelay, SSR
Control ModeON/OFF , P , PD
Porpotional Band2~6 %
Accuracy0.5 / 1.0 / 1.5
Power Supply AC 110V, 220V, 50~60Hz
Power ConsumptionRelay, SSR
Ambient Temperature 0~55℃
Ambient Humility≦ 85% RH

ModelTCEN-A Series TCB-B  Series TCEN-C Series TCB-DSeries 
Dimension96X96 / 72X72 / 48X48 mm48X48mm48X48mm48X48mm
InputK. J.  PT100. ThermocoupleK. J. PT100K. J.  PT100. ThermocoupleK. J. PT100
OutputRelay, SSRRelayRelay, SSRRelay
Alarm ( Option)High / Low AlarmHigh / Low AlarmHigh / Low AlarmHigh / Low Alarm

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Temperature Meter

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